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☆ 21599 IN RRSIG A 8 2 86400 20191224150933 20191210133933 18318 de. PFDDL47r1GOQcZGr7jBLJQtagg7FufCoxU5JgQcerZNj8SFeqPyK011p HZ9bydH8hdzvxd0NW2ja3p33GNgNrJeaqMnFk+mRpDQZylqte99hl6OL 9jLH7vXgftDClB1Pm5cftNoN7g715E/XZHLWp3QCVt4c7CemrxIFPgyM lIs=
☆ 21599 IN A

Kurze Fakten über 3200:

The fourth millennium in the anno Domini or Common Era of the Gregorian calendar will begin on January 1, 3001, and end on December 31, 4000.

Time pyramid - The Time Pyramid is a work of public art by Manfred Laber under construction in Wemding, Germany. The pyramid, begun in 1993, at the 1,200th anniversary of Wemding, will take another years to complete and is scheduled to be finished in the year 3183.


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