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Kurze Fakten über 357 magnum:

The.357 S&W Magnum, or simply.357 Magnum, is a smokeless powder cartridge with a.357-inch bullet diameter. It was created by Elmer Keith, Phillip B. Sharpe, and Douglas B. Wesson of firearms manufacturers Smith & Wesson and Winchester. It is based upon Smith & Wesson's earlier.38 Special cartridge. The.357 Magnum cartridge was introduced in 1934, and its use has since become widespread. This cartridge started the "Magnum era" of handgun ammunition. The.357 Magnum cartridge is notable for its highly effective terminal ballistics when used for hunting or defense.

.357 Remington Maximum - The.357 Maximum, formally known as the.357 Remington Maximum or the.357 Max, is a super magnum handgun cartridge originally developed by Elgin Gates as the wildcat.357 SuperMag.

Smith & Wesson Model 27 , the first revolver chambered for the .357 Magnum.

Smith & Wesson .38/44 Outdoorsman , the immediate predecessor to the .357 Magnum, firing high-pressure .38 Special rounds.

Table of handgun and rifle cartridges - This is a table of selected pistol/submachine gun and rifle/machine gun cartridges by common name. Data values are the highest found for the cartridge, and might not occur in the same load.

Winchester Repeating Arms Company cartridges

.357 Magnum firearms

Pistol and rifle cartridges


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