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☆ 3599 IN TXT "v=spf1 mx ?all"
☆ 21599 IN MX 100
☆ 21599 IN MX 100
☆ 21599 IN SOA 2019091202 14400 1800 604800 900
☆ 21599 IN NS
☆ 21599 IN NS
☆ 3599 IN A

Kurze Fakten über 44:

44 (number) The natural number following 43 and preceding 45.

44M Tas A Hungarian medium/heavy tank design of World War II. The only prototype built was destroyed when...

Forty-Fours A group of islands in the Chatham Archipelago, about east of the main Chatham Island.

44M Tas Rohamlöveg A Hungarian tank destroyer design of World War II, based on the chassis of the 44M Tas heavy tank.

"Forty-Four " A blues standard whose origins have been traced back to early 1920s Louisiana.

Forty Four, Arkansas An unincorporated community in Izard County, Arkansas, in the United States.


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