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☆ 3599 IN TXT "v=spf1 mx ?all"
☆ 21599 IN MX 100
☆ 21599 IN MX 100
☆ 21599 IN SOA 2020050304 14400 1800 604800 900
☆ 21599 IN NS
☆ 21599 IN NS
☆ 3599 IN A

Kurze Fakten über 44:

.44 Magnum The.44 Remington Magnum, or simply.44 Magnum, and frequently.44 Mag, is a rimmed, large-bore...

.44 Special The.44 Special or.44 S&W Special is a smokeless powder center fire metallic cartridge developed...

44 (number) The natural number following 43 and preceding 45.

44M Tas A Hungarian medium/heavy tank design of World War II. The only prototype built was destroyed when...

44M Tas Rohamlöveg A Hungarian tank destroyer design of World War II, based on the chassis of the 44M Tas heavy tank.

"Forty-Four " A blues standard whose origins have been traced back to early 1920s Louisiana.

Forty-Fours A group of islands in the Chatham Archipelago, about east of the main Chatham Island.

Forty Four, Arkansas An unincorporated community in Izard County, Arkansas, United States.

44 The sixth solo album by Canadian indie rock musician Joel Plaskett, released on April 17, 2020.


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