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Kurze Fakten über alliance:

Alliance A relationship among people, groups, or states that have joined together for mutual benefit or to...

Alliance Party of Northern Ireland A liberal and centrist political party in Northern Ireland.

The Alliance (professional wrestling) A professional wrestling stable in the World Wrestling Federation that lasted from July to...

Alliance, California A former unincorporated community in Humboldt County, California now incorporated in Arcata.

Alliance, Indiana An unincorporated community in Adams Township, Madison County, Indiana.

Alliance, Nebraska A city and the county seat of Box Butte County, in the western part of the state of Nebraska, in...

Alliance, North Carolina A town in Pamlico County, North Carolina, United States.

Alliance, Ohio A city in the U.S. state of Ohio.

Alliance station An Amtrak train station in Alliance, Ohio, United States.

Alliance, Texas A master planned community located within Denton County and Tarrant County, Texas, United States.

Alliance Township, Clay County, Minnesota A township in Clay County, Minnesota, United States. The population was 246 at the 2000 census.

Alliance, Alberta A village in central Alberta, Canada.

Alliance, Suriname A town in Suriname, located on banks of the Suriname River in the district Commewijne.

Electoral alliance An association of political parties or individuals that exists solely to stand in elections.

Alliance (Chile) A coalition of right-wing Chilean political parties.

Alliance Party (Fiji) The ruling political party in Fiji from 1966 to 1987.

Alliance for Workers' Liberty A Trotskyist group in Britain and Australia.

The Alliance (France) A centrist, liberal, ecologist, and social-liberal coalition of political parties in France.

The Alliance (Hong Kong) A loose political group of the independent politicians in the Legislative Council in Hong Kong.

Alliance Party (Malaysia) A political coalition in Malaysia.

Alliance (New Zealand political party) A left-wing political party in New Zealand.

Alliance Party of Northern Ireland A liberal and centrist political party in Northern Ireland.

Alliance (Poland) A conservative and conservative-liberal political party in Poland founded in November 2017, led...

Alliance (Portugal) A political party in Portugal founded by former Prime Minister Pedro Santana Lopes, following his...

Alliance (Saint Martin) A political party in Saint Martin, led by Dominique Riboud.

Alliance (Sweden) A centre-right political alliance in Sweden.

SDP–Liberal Alliance An alliance of the Social Democratic Party and the Liberal Party.

Alliance Air (India) An Indian regional airline and a wholly owned subsidiary of Air India.

Alliance Air (Uganda) A multi-national long-haul airline based at Entebbe International Airport in Uganda.

Alliance Airlines An aviation services company based in Brisbane, Queensland with operational bases in Adelaide...

Alliance Films A Canadian motion picture distribution and production company, which had served Canada, the...

Alliance Game Distributors A North American distributor of RPGs, board-games and card games.

Alliance Group Alliance Group Limited, a cooperative originally named Alliance Freezing Company Limited...

Alliance Healthcare Alliance Healthcare, formerly Alliance UniChem, wholesales, distributes, and retails...

Alliance Tire Company The Alliance Tire Company Ltd. is a tire manufacturing company based in Mumbai, India producing...

Alliance Trust A publicly traded investment and financial services company, established in 1888 and...

Alliance (1904 automobile) The Alliance was made from 1904 to 1905 by Automobil- und Motorwerke Alliance Fischer & Abele...

Alliance (1905 automobile) A short-lived French automobile manufactured in Paris from 1905 to 1908.

Renault Alliance A front-wheel drive, front-engine subcompact automobile manufactured and marketed in North...

The Alliance (dancehall) A group of Dancehall deejays.

Alliance (DC Comics) A fictional group of comic book extraterrestrials published by DC Comics.

Alliance (esports) A professional gaming and esports organization based in Sweden that was formed in April 2013.

Alliance (Firefly) A fictional corporate supergovernment in the Firefly franchise, a powerful authoritarian...

Alliance of American Football A professional American football league that played a portion of one season in 2019.

Alliance (sculpture) A sculpture in the centre of Cardiff, Wales, created by Paris installation artist Jean-Bernard...

"The Alliance" (The Office episode) The fourth episode of the first season of the American comedy television series The Office.

Alliance Theatre A theater company in Atlanta, Georgia, based at the Alliance Theatre, part of the Robert W.

The Alliance (Warcraft) An alliance in World of Warcraft.

"Alliances" (Star Trek: Voyager) The 30th episode of American science fiction television series Star Trek: Voyager airing on the...

Alliances (novel) A fantasy novel by Paul B. Thompson and Tonya C. Cook, set in the world of Dragonlance, and based...

Alliances (The Wire) The fifth episode of the fourth season of the HBO original series The Wire.

Stargate SG-1: Alliances A 2006 novel by Karen Miller.

Alliance University A private university that was established in 2010 in Bangalore, India.

Alliance College An independent, liberal arts college located in Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania, offering a...

Alliance (basketball) An American basketball team based in Alliance, Ohio that was a member of the Central Basketball...

Alliance Jiu Jitsu Alliance is one of the most prominent Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu associations and the current defending...

The Alliance (professional wrestling) A professional wrestling stable in the World Wrestling Federation that lasted from July to...

Alliance (phytosociology) A unit of vegetation in phytosociology.

Alliance Pipeline Alliance Pipeline transports natural gas from northeastern British Columbia and northwestern...

Alliance (taxonomy) An informal grouping used in biological taxonomy.

David Alliance, Baron Alliance An Iranian-British businessman and Liberal Democrat politician of Iranian origin.

Alliance coupler A semi-automatic design, also known as American, AAR, APT, ARA, MCB, knuckle, or center-buffer...

HMS Alliance Meanings Three ships.

USS Alliance Meanings Two ships.

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