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Kurze Fakten über adam:

Adam A figure in the Book of Genesis in the Hebrew Bible and in the creation story of the Quran.

Y-chromosomal Adam The most recent common ancestor from whom all currently living men are descended patrilineally.

Adam (2009 film) A 2009 American romantic drama film written and directed by Max Mayer, starring Hugh Dancy and...

Adam style An 18th-century neoclassical style of interior design and architecture, as practised by the three...

Adam@home An American syndicated gag-a-day comic strip created by Brian Basset and currently drawn by Rob...

Adam (novel) Adam, a novel by author Ted Dekker, was released on April 1, 2008.

Adam (1983 film) A 1983 American made-for-television film starring Daniel J. Travanti and JoBeth Williams.

Adam (1992 film) A 1992 British 6-minute stop motion clay animated short film written, animated and directed by...

Adam (2019 American film) A 2019 American comedy film directed by Rhys Ernst in his directorial debut, from a screenplay by...

Adam (2019 Moroccan film) A 2019 Moroccan drama film directed by Maryam Touzani.

"Adam" (Torchwood) The fifth episode of the second series of British science fiction television series Torchwood...

Adam (musical) A musical with a book by June Tansey, lyrics and music by Richard Ahlert, based on the life of...

Adam (Rodin) An 1880-1881 statue of Adam by Auguste Rodin, first exhibited at the Paris Salon that year...

Adam (Bourdelle) An 1889 sculpture by Antoine Bourdelle.

Adam Air A privately owned airline based in West Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Adam Aircraft Industries An aircraft manufacturer founded by George F. Adam Jr and John C. Knudsen in 1998.

Adam and Company A trading division of The Royal Bank of Scotland plc catering for the needs of private bank...

ADAM Audio ADAM Audio was founded in March 1999 in Berlin, Germany.

Adam Hats An American manufacturer and retailer of hats.

A.D.A.M., Inc. A.D.A.M., Inc. or "Animated Dissection of Anatomy for Medicine, Inc.'" was a NASDAQ-traded public...

Adam Internet An Australian telecommunications and IT company that specialises in consumer and business...

Adam Motor Company Adam Motor Company, Ltd. was an automobile manufacturer based in Karachi, Pakistan.

Adam VIII A record label founded by music publisher Morris Levy, and named after his son Adam.

Adam, Oman A town in the region Ad Dakhiliyah, in northeastern Oman.

Adam, West Virginia An unincorporated community in Calhoun County, West Virginia.

Adam Range A mountain range on Île Vanier, Nunavut, Canada.

City of Adam The City of Adam stood "beside Zarethan" on the east bank of the Jordan; it is called also "Damia".

ADAM (protein) A family of transmembrane and secreted metalloendopeptidases.

Y-chromosomal Adam The most recent common ancestor from whom all currently living men are descended patrilineally.

Adam (tree) A giant sequoia located in Mountain Home Grove, a sequoia grove in Giant Sequoia National...

Coleco Adam A home computer and expansion device for the ColecoVision released in 1983 by American toy and...

Adam tablet A tablet computer designed by Bangalore-based firm Notion Ink Design Labs.

Opel Adam A city car engineered and produced by the German car manufacturer Opel, and is named after the...

Area Defense Anti-Munitions An experimental short range ground-to-air anti-missile weapons system being developed by Lockheed...

Area Denial Artillery Munition A family of United States land mines and 155 mm artillery projectiles.

Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring A survey conducted by the U.S. Department of Justice to gauge the prevalence of alcohol and...

Code Adam A missing-child safety program in the United States and Canada, originally created by Walmart...

Adam (drug) A psychoactive drug primarily used as a recreational drug.

Adam (beverage) A colloquial allusion meaning water.

Adam (given name) Meanings See related meanings for the phrase 'Adam (given name)'.

Adam (surname) Meanings See related meanings for the phrase 'Adam (surname)'.

Adam, Russia Meanings Several rural localities in the Udmurt Republic, Russia.

Adams Meanings See related meanings for the word 'Adams'.

Adem Meanings See related meanings for the word 'Adem'.


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